Rich fudgy gooey chocolate brownies

Calling all chocolate brownie fans! If you are still soul searching for the best chocolate brownies then look no further... We have eventually found each other! (fate is good like that!).

So let's get one thing straight... When someone says the word chocolate brownie to me, the words homemade, gooey, rich, fudgy and totally delicious spring into mind.

Unfortunately, I have had so many brownies that just haven't lived up to my expectations and I have been left feeling unsatisfied and disappointed! (I mean, cake-like, dry brownies... whats that all about?!)

Besides my big sister's brownies and one bakery in the UK who specialize in brownies (when I lived in the UK I  literally lived there!), all the others I ate were a disappointment! I don't know about you but life's waaay to short to be regularly disappointed by chocolate brownies! 

This is why, when I moved to The Netherlands I decided to start baking my own chocolate brownies. Now I can enjoy delicious brownies baked to perfection whenever I wish, knowing that I won't be disappointed. And I get to lick the bowl #winning!

Sharing is caring so I reluctantly, whoops I mean, happily 😉 let my friends and family taste them (I blatantly just made more, because rumour has it, I can't share brownies I've made for myself... my love is lucky if he even gets a look in!). I was overwhelmed by their pleasant reactions. I had constant requests to make more, which lead me to wonder if other people would love my brownies as much as my family, friends and I did. I baked some for people at the gym to try (ironically I love the gym too, just as well due to the number of brownies I eat!) and their reactions were just as good.

Along with chocolate, I love to make people happy and my brownies certainly make you smile. This is why I decided to start my own business baking delicious brownies to share my passion and spread the love! You won't be disappointed by a chocolate brownie again!

The fun thing is, my baking allows me to express my creative side. I like to think I have a very creative mind but I have no skill whatsoever to be able to draw or make fabulous things (like honestly, I can't even draw a stick person!). However, I am very good at creating tasty and somewhat 'random - out the box' flavour combinations for all things dessert and chocolatey, (you know, all the good things that make your soul happy!).

So from my webshop, you will find an ever growing choice of delicious flavours of rich, fudgy and gooey chocolate brownies!

If you're reading this and you're having a debate with yourself (I do it all the time!) about whether or not your diet will let you eat these awesome chocolate brownies fear not! I have already come up with an answer! (by the way, just a heads up, if its a weekend then the calories don't count anyway!) I have tried, tested and tweaked numerous healthy brownie recipes which you can find in my Saint range here.

Enjoy my fellow brownie lover.

Love Victoria x



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