When should you eat my brownies?

Apart from the obvious answer which is all the time¬†ūüėč! There are so many occasions where my brownies will fit the bill perfectly.¬†
A birthday party is a great time to enjoy my brownies. Step away from the standard birthday pie and get involved with some deliciously different chocolate brownies to wow your guests! Maybe if you're feeling generous, you could treat the birthday boy/girl to one of my ridiculously awesome chocolate brownie birthday cakes, take a look!
A girls night in is obviously a perfect time to get your brownie game on! Pyjamas, a girlie movie, face masks and my delicious chocolate brownies (which go perfectly with ice cream by the way!). Sounds like the perfect night to me! 
Thank you teacher gift! What a great way to thank your teacher by giving them a little (or big!) box of my scrumptious chocolate brownies. It's sure to earn you some brownie points...!
Thank you for... anything gift! Make someone's day and make them smile. Maybe your friend looked after your pet whilst you were away. Or someone helped cheer you up when you down. Or someone helped you with something. Hell, we don't even need a reason to send someone you care about a little gift of deliciousness! 
Wedding favors! How deliciously cute would it be to have a mini chocolate brownie all wrapped up in something pretty on your tables for your big day?! Way better than the standard sugar-coated almonds that break your teeth! Really like chocolate brownies? You could change up the traditional wedding cake for a huge tower of chocolate brownies with as many flavours as you like. I know what I'm having for my wedding!
Clearly saving the best reason till last... For yourself! Yesss! No better reason than to just treat yourself to some pure indulgence because you're worth it!
Over and out brownies fans, hope to see you at the checkout!

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