Why Saint or Sinner Bakery?


So I'm going to tell you straight up how and why Saint or Sinner Bakery happened! And I am going to love every minute telling you because it involves 2 of my most favourite people! (I have several favourite people, I am very lucky!)

First off, before I moved to The Netherlands, I use to come to visit my boyfriend once a month - (he would come to England 3 times a month wow #truelove!). With me, at his request, I would bring some brownies that I would get from an awesome bakery in England who specialized in brownies. A couple of his friends tried them and requested that every time I came over could I bring some brownies with me. 

When I moved over here and visited home in the UK, I had so many requests for brownies to come back with me! With other people's brownies and my own stock for our freezer, my hand luggage was literally filled with brownies! Good luck to me actually fitting any clothes or shoes in my bag! I always got stopped at security and I was panicked that they would take my beloved brownies away from me!

My boyfriend made a comment one day to me when we were sat on the sofa (eating brownies!) he said, "You should make it into a business over here somehow because everybody loves them." I thought it was a good idea but just laughed and didn't really think any more about it. 

My best friend Natalie - who by the way I would nominate for any friendship award in the world, she's amazing! - came to visit me in my new home (literally within a month of me moving #wemisseachotherlikecrazy!) We were walking back (thanks Wouter...😂!) from the train station after a lovely day in Enschede and we were doing what we usually do, chatting away non stop - I think whilst she talks I breathe and then we swap! Laughing at stupid things, mainly how she couldn't ride a bike and almost killed herself in the process of trying 🙈 and genuinely being happy. Our conversation led us to moan (in a somehow happy way?!) about there not being many chocolate choices over here. Like anywhere apart from a supermarket! The bakeries had loads of nice bread and pies and such like, but did not cater for the chocoholic! I mean this is discrimination! 😆 Nat (obviously) brought some brownies with her from England for me because I warned her about the chocolate deprivation! 

I can remember it vividly. We were walking up possibly the only hill in Holland, talking about how beautiful it was over here. I was saying to Nat I wish she could move out here to be closer to me. She said why don't I? When Tyler (her son) has left school she will move over here and we can open a bakery together! I was like yeeesssss Natalie! That's a great idea, OMG we can bake naughty and healthy brownies and call it Saints and Sinners! (Later we then researched our chosen name and then realised that maybe it wasn't the best name choice 😶!) We discussed how we wanted our bakery to look like, what flavours we would have and how funny it would be both of us trying to talk Dutch! But how absolutely amazing it would be working together every day and building our own little empire together! 

Just putting it out there, Natalie can't actually bake 😂 (soz Nat 😝) but I can, and I'm teaching her. Since our epic idea, she has already started doing a business and nutrition course in preparation for our bakery!

When Nat went back home we were both so excited about the idea, I decided to start straight away and immediately started working on finding and creating the best recipes for my online brownie store. So after a slight name alteration - Saint Or Sinner Bakery was born! 

I am loving all my customers' reactions about my brownies and making people happy is what truly makes me happy! So one day in the future my fellow brownie fans, we will provide you with an awesome brownie bakery where you can come and meet me and my brunette best friend and buy some delicious brownies. For now, I would love for you to try my brownies from my webshop and you can have them delivered with love or you can pick them up where the magic happens!

Heres to friendship and following your dreams!

Love Victoria x 



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