My name is Victoria, I am from England but I live in The Netherlands with my Dutch boyfriend (if anybody would like to hear an awesome real life love story then I’m happy to tell!). I am literally obsessed with all things chocolate and one of my most favorite things in the world is a rich and gooey chocolate brownie.

When I moved to this beautiful country I started to notice that wherever I went there was a lack of chocolatey options. Good for my waist line but disappointing for my soul! So I started to bake my own chocolate brownies to satisfy my addiction. Sharing is caring so I let my friends and family taste them and I was overwhelmed by their pleasant reactions. I had constant requests to make more, which lead me to wonder if other people would love my brownies as much as my family, friends and I did. I baked some for people at the gym to try (ironically I love the gym too, just as well due to the amount of brownies I eat!) and their reactions were just as good.

Along with chocolate, I love to make people happy and my brownies certainly make you smile. This is why I decided to start my own business baking delicious brownies to share my passion and spread the love! And of course I want to cater for everyone! So alongside my original brownies, I've tried and tested a range of Vegan, Paleo and Gluten Free brownies which I have named my Saint range.