Birthday Brownie Cake

Birthday Brownie Cake

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OMG, I made this for my father in law, well technically he's not actually my father in law... yet (hint totally intended!) for his birthday. It tasted amazing and everyone at the party, including the birthday boy himself, was wowed! 

The bottom layer brownie is made with Twix bars. The middle is filled with allll the chocolate buttercream. The top brownie layer is made with peanut m&ms. The topping to all that is chocolate chip cookie dough and to make it even more ridiculous the big chocolate balls on top of that are my homemade Oreo cheesecake chocolate covered balls! It easily served 16 people.

I am happy to work with you to make an awesome chocolate brownie cake/tower/or just something different to amaze someone for their birthday or any special occasion! 

Just contact me here or click the 'message us' button at the bottom of this page so we can discuss your requirements and make the magic happen!